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    • Self Control Through Discipline:How To Achieve It Using These 3 Quotes
      Self control is the ability to control ones emotions, behaviors, and desires during external demands to help us function in society. In short it is about self discipline.
    • 4 Useful Tools For Building Your Online Business
      Ambition is the path to success, Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. -Bill Bradley Starting an online business is not easy. Like the saying goes it takes hard work and dedication to start one and succeed. In order to succeed as a network marketer, one has to know where to go for information and […]
    • 5 Reasons Your Business keeps Failing
      “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West. If you are starting out as an entrepreneur or new business owner, there are many questions that go through your mind. You tend to question yourself about everything- where do I start from, what social media platform should I […]
    • The Number 1 secret to your business is….
      Knowledge plus passion equals action. Passion plus action equals power. "Do you really want to move forward? asked rich dad. Yes i replied hurriedly. Have you forgotten what you set out to do?...... I knew it, said rich dad.....you're more worried about your own personal survival than keeping your dream alive. Your fear has pushed […]
    • Where are all the entrepreneurs
      So today, I started reading the rich dad's cashflow quadrant and a few pages into the book, I asked myself, why does our system not encourage us to go out into the world and become entrepreneurs.
    • How To Get More With Your Facebook Page As A Business Preneur
      Are you struggling to get potential leads to your Facebook page? Are you at your wits end about what strategies you can use to boost your Facebook page? Then no worries, struggle no more.
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